On August 11, it was announced on Listening Series live stream that now there will be a Litecoin debit card that will be launched in collaboration with Ternio Token, the blockchain firm and Bibox Exchange. The card will be released in the U.S. first then in other parts of the world.

The Litecoin BlockCard

This debit card, also known as BlockCard, will allow cardholders to utilize cryptocurrency in their account for online as well as physical store purchases. The debit card can be used in any location in the world. A special edition Litecoin debit card, it leverages BlockCard platform released by Ternio.

This card aims to provide cryptocurrency holders similar ease that they get when using normal credit cards and infuse greater adoption of cryptocurrency spending in day to day lives.

The good thing is that cardholders will be able to make deposits using different cryptocurrencies. After that, the spendable value can be kept in Bibox Token, Litecoin, or Ternio.

Bibox Co-Founder, Aries Wang, mentioned that it has been possible to better leverage the exchange platform Bibox provides by partnering with Ternio and Litecoin. This special edition debit card will provide customers more options to utilize cryptocurrency and that too with relative ease.

Integration with Bibox Exchange

The Bibox exchange will be routing spending and deposits for all the users. The plan involves direct integration of the card into the LoafWallet (Litecoin wallet) and Bibox Exchange. The benefit for users is that it will be possible for them to access the cards inside these ecosystems directly.

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